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>> Al Unser Jr
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Who is he?
Al Unser Jr - Indianapolis 500 winner in 1992 and 1994. He had been having his best season in years before his arrest.

What did he do?
Unser Jr alledgedly hit his girlfriend Jena L. Soto during an argument while she was driving on Interstate 465 about 3:30 a.m. after they had left a strip club. Soto repeatedly told investigators she did not want to press charges.

In her 911 calls and statements, Soto said that she was driving to Unser's motor home at the speedway because he was intoxicated. She told officers she hit Unser first to stop him from trying to shift the gears of the vehicle, and that Unser responded by hitting her in the face.

She said she pulled to the side of the highway after Unser hit her, got out of the sport utility vehicle, and that Unser then drove away.

9th July 2002.


Unknown, however Marion County Prosecutor Scott Newman stated he could not have filed drunken driving charges against Unser even though evidence suggested that he was drunk.

Unser Jr. will seek treatment for alcohol abuse and won't race for the next several weeks. Prosecutors said he would not face criminal charges on accusations that he hit his girlfriend and left her stranded along a highway.

"I have a problem with alcohol abuse," he said. "Nearly every poor choice that I have made in my life was under the influence of alcohol. I don't understand why I have a problem, but I know I have to straighten out."

Moral of the story Al..
If you can't take the booze, don't drink it, and under NO circumstances take your girl to a strip bar.. Jees.. how dumb is that?
"Hey honey, why aren't your titties that firm?"
You're just asking for trouble..


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