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>> Dr Harold Shipman
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Who is he?
Dr Harold Shipman - an English doctor from Manchester.

What did he do?
Shipman apparently killed many of the patients he was paid to help in a small village in Yorkshire. People began asking questions of his methods of 'helping' patients when they all began to drop dead at an alarming rate.

Pick a date.. Shipman killed so many people, there were few years when he wasn't active.
The inquiry found that Shipman's first victim was Mrs Eva Lyons, who he murdered just a year after entering practice in West Yorkshire, UK.
Kathleen Grundy, an 81-year-old widow, was the last of his victims to die. She was in good health and very active the day before her death on 24 June, 1998.

On Monday, 31st January 2000 the jury at Preston Crown Court convicted Harold Shipman of 15 murders and of forging a will. However, the official inquiry believed this was only the tip of the iceberg.



Family GP Harold Shipman murdered 215 of his patients, the judge heading the official inquiry into his crimes stated. Dame Janet Smith also said there was a "real suspicion" that the doctor, could have claimed another 45 victims during a killing spree which went unchecked for 23 years. Her shocking conclusion confirms Shipman as one of the world's deadliest serial killers.

Shipman took his own life in prison in early January 2004, never admitting his guilt for the crimes he perpetrated.



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