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>> Hugh Grant
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Who is he?
Hugh Grant - british actor who appeared in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Nine Months, and NottingHill. He was pretty much engaged to model Liz Hurley when he was charged with this offense.... which makes me wonder - what the f**k was he thinking?

What did he do?
LAPD officers on routine patrol of Sunset Strip noticed a late-model white BMW park at the side of the road next to a woman. The woman got into the car after a short conversation and the BMW turned into a side street and parked again. The officers then arrested the car's occupants - Hugh Grant and prostitute Divine Brown (real name Estella Marie Thompson)

June 27, 1995

Yep, both were charged with lewd conduct.



At trial, Grant pleaded no contest and reportably threw himself at the mercy of the court. He was fined $1,180, placed on two years probation, and ordered to undergo AIDS education. After the arrest he flew to Britain to explain his actions to supermodel girlfriend (SUPERMODEL Hugh... - what the hell were you doing?) He then returned to the US to promote his new film "Nine Months" which enjoyed massive publicity and great box office success.

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