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>> James Brown
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Who is he?
Amazingly, this is James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, and apparently the "Hardest working man in showbusiness".

What did he do?
Alledgedly, Brown walked into an insurance seminar brandishing a pistol and shotgun. He demanded to know who had used his restroom (his business offices were in the same building). After locking the restroom, Brown left the building and departed in his red and white pickup truck. Alledgedly breaking the speed limit, Police cars gave chase. After passing into South Carolina, officers from North Augusta and South Carolina joined the chase. Shooting out Brown's tires, they tried to stop him, but he continued driving on the rims. Only after leaving the road and getting the rims stuck in mud was Brown finally caught.

September 24, 1988


Yep, Simple assault; carrying a pistol without a license; carrying a deadly weapon at a public gathering; two counts of assault with intent to kill; seven misdemeanor charges.

He was sentenced to six years for weapons and assault convictions, with mandatory first-year drug testing, and a $6,000 fine. He was paroled in 1991 after serving three years.


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