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>> Jeffrey Dahmer
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Who is he?
Jeffery Dahmer - notorious
Milwaukee serial killer.

What did he do?
Dahmer - a former chocolate factory worker - began his killing spree in 1978 when he killed an 18-year-old hitchhiker whom he had met and brought home for a few beers. Over the next 13 years, he would kill a further 16 men and boys - mostly black, gay men. He lured them from bars, bus stops, and malls, back to his small apartment where he would murder them - then dismember their bodies. Dahmer would then store the body parts - one head was found in his fridge, and many more in the freezer - torsos he stored in vats of acid. He had sex with the dead bodies, and on various occasions he tried to create "living sex zombies" by drilling holes into victims heads. He was eventually caught after a handcuffed victim - several drilled holes in their head - managed to escape and flag down a Police car.

July 22, 1991

He was charged with murder. At trial he pleaded insanity, but after studying Dahmer he was pronounced "sane".

Dahmer was serving 16 consecutive life terms when inmates beat him to death in a prison bathroom in November 1994. Two years later, a businessman offered more than $400,000 to buy his implements–the refrigerator, the vats, the drills, the saws–to prevent a public auction. They were secretly buried.

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