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>> Jim Morrison
More Music Mugshots

  Who is he?
Jim Morrison, legendary singer in The Doors

What did he do?
This is a good one - bear with us...
At a Doors concert in New Haven, Connecticut, a police officer found a couple having sex in a shower. The officer told the couple to stop, but the male (Morrison) became aggressive and an altercation ensued. Morrison was sprayed in the face with mace, and ran into the dressing room. The Door's manager, Bill Siddons, then pleaded with the police to allow Morrison to do the concert. They agreed.
However, during the last song of the evening, "Back Door Man", Morrison began to recite the tale of what had happened backstage in a mocking, southern drawl. The crowd became restless before Morrison started shouting "The whole world hates me, the whole world f**king hates me." The Police then rushed the stage, arresting Morrison before dragging him offstage. The crowd was then told that the concert was over, and - fearing a riot - the Police began to arrest members of the crowd. Morrison was taken to Court Street Station and booked.

Dec. 9, 1967

Yep, alledgedly with breach of peace, resisting arrest, and immoral exhibition. He was released on $1,500 bail.

Several weeks later, all charges were dropped except for breach of the peace, for which Morrison was fined $25.

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