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>> Michael Jackson
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Who is he?
Michael Jackson, aka Wacko Jacko.
Jackson is one of the world's most successful pop stars, responsible for the albums BAD, Thriller, and Dangerous. These albums account for millions of sales worldwide, however recently his stock has fallen somewhat after a series of bizarre antics.

In his controversial recent interview with ITV New's Martin Bashir, he admitted that children had slept in his bed, and described the incidents "charming, I give them milk and cookies". One wonders whether Wacko will be feeding hot midnight snacks to cosy Cell52 buddy Big Butch should the charges stick.

What did he do?
Apart from making ever-worsening pop tunes, and giving kids a new-fangled Vertigo thrill, Wacko has been formally charged with child molestation.

Unsure of exact date of allegations, however understood to eminate from a 12-year old cancer sufferer who met Jackson.


On 19th Nov. 2003 over 70 law enforcement officers swooped on Jackson's infamous NeverLand home to "execute a search warrant at the Neverland Ranch in connection with a criminal matter"

An arrest warrant was then issued, and Jackson turned himself in to Police. He was freed on $3,000,000 bail. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, dismissed the charges as "a big lie" and said Mr Jackson looked forward to appearing in court.

The singer was accused of "lewd or lascivious acts" with a child younger than 14 under section 288(a) of the California penal code, Santa Barbara district attorney Tom Sneddon. Sneddon was the DA in charge of previous (unproven) allegations 10 years ago - Jackson denied those claims and no charges were ever filed, but the singer made a multi-million dollar out-of-court settlement.

Jackson could face up to eight years in prison per count of abuse.
And that's a heck of a time to go without milk and cookies - the guy certainly needs some grub.. 5'11 and just 120 pounds...
Should he be found guilty, Wacko better keep a vice-like grip on that washroom soap.

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