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>> O.J. Simpson
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Who is he?
O.J. Simpson - former Buffalo Bill running back in the NFL who was one of the League's greatest ever rushers. A former Heisman Trophy winner, Simpson's NFL achievements included most rushing yards gained in one season, most rushing yards gained in a single game, and most touchdowns scored in a season. After leaving football, Simpson began acting in movies - the "Naked Gun Trilogy" made him a household name worldwide.

What did he do?
On June 13, 1994 the bodies of Simpson's wife Nicole, and her boyfriend Ron Goldman, were found brutally murdered. Simpson had a good relationship with the LAPD and they would allow him to surrender voluntarily to save him the embarrassment of a public arrest. However, he bolted in his white Bronco and led the LAPD on the infamous televised car chase throughout Los Angeles. He finally surrended at his Rockingham Mansion. Later Simpson would plead "Absolutely, positively, 100% not guilty" to the murder charges.

June 17, 1994


Yep, with the 1st Degree Murder of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson.

After one of the most publicised trials in history, Simpson was acquitted on Oct. 3, 1995. However, in a civil wrongful-death trial, Simpson was found liable for the deaths of Brown and Goldman. In February 1997 the jury ordered Simpson to pay $33.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages.


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