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>> Randy Moss
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Who is he?
Randy Moss - star wide receiver with the Minnesota Vikings. Moss is the team's highest-paid player. after signing an eight-year, $75 million contract in 2001.
He set an NFL record with 5,396 yards receiving in his first four seasons as a pro.

Supremely arrogant, Moss believes over 40% of all passes should be thrown in his general direction, which doesn't please his teammates a whole lot.. and the plan seemed to be working well at the time of his arrest - the Vikes were 0-3 with the "Moss Masterplan".
This guy could teach Lombardi a trick or two!

24th September 2002.


What did he do?
Alledgedly, Moss disobeyed an order from a MPD's traffic control agent. Alledgedly, the agent attempted to stop Moss' car from making an illegal turn, at which point the NFL player pushed the agent down the street about 1/2 block using his maroon 2002 Lexus, before she was pushed off her feet.

Moss was booked into jail for assault in the second degree, which is considered assault with a dangerous weapon.

Case pending...


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