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>> Woody Harrelson
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  Who is he?
Woody Harrelson - originally made a star as "Woody" in "Cheers", Harrelson has moved on to feature films and has become a major Hollywood player. His major titles are: The Thin Red Line; The People VS Larry Flynt; White Men Can't Jump; and Kingpin.

What did he do?
Alledgedly, Police in Columbus, Ohio were alerted to a young Harrelson dancing in the middle of traffic. After he dropped to his knees in the road, officers grabbed him and hauled him towards a waiting Police van.
After noting the smell of alcohol in Harrelson's breath, the van began to leave the scene. However, Harrelson managed to open the back door and escape. The Police gave chase, and when they caught up to him Harrelson floored one of the officers. The other officer then made the arrest.

October 10, 1982

Yep, with disorderly conduct.

Harrelson was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and resisting arrest. However, the court was lenient: he was fined $390 and released.

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